The Integrity Talks: Sex scandals at The Voice

Keep ownership of yourself and hierarchy does not exist

My Saturday thoughts on the sex scandals at The Voice of Holland. My goodness, what a week and what a mess. Denial, victim blaming, power structures, cover up, trying to save whatever can be saved and more.

There are two groups of people in media and art, namely the pure artists with dreams and ambition, that must bring their work to the world and cannot do otherwise. And there are narcissistic people who play a game of chess, use people, copy others and will do whatever it takes to get power, money and fame.

Whatever you do in life, keep ownership of yourself, your talent and the way you work. At the same time, society can become more intelligent and aware of the concept of success. Malcolm Gladwell, journalist at the New York Times explains this very well. What the market perceives as success isn’t always true success and consists of all these aspects that can predict a phenomenon.

Also, hierarchy does not exist. This might be hard to understand. Tasks and roles can be divided. Yet, humans and their talents are not hierarchical. The biggest compliment you can offer to your boss, manager, leadership team or what have you is to not treat them as such. Because only then will you be able to offer the upmost honesty, quality, integrity and so on.