Nothing is worth loosing our integrity and humanity for

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The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla

The Integrity Talks: Sex scandals at The Voice

Keep ownership of yourself and hierarchy does not exist My Saturday thoughts on the sex scandals at The Voice of Holland. My goodness, what a week and what a mess. Denial, victim blaming, power structures, cover up, trying to save whatever can be saved and more. There are two groups of people in media and art, namely the pure artists with dreams and ambition, that must bring their work to the world and cannot do otherwise. And there are narcissistic people who play a game of chess, use people, copy others and will do whatever it takes to get power,

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Seventeen paths to freedom

Science has really been discovering the world of neuropsychology in the past decade, which interests me a lot. Mentally, I am very strong. It has always been ‘my specialty’. And yes, that might be a miracle thinking of my family history. That’s why I want to know everything about brains and mind building.  Ever heard of project 2045? That’s another thing that interests me a lot. A Russian billionaire has taken this initiative. It allows people to live on after their death through technology. I want that, even if it were just my brain in a cloud environment, without consciousness.

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If injustice wants to dance with me now, I’m going to knead history even harder

I always have pointed to myself, because that is how I have been able to remain responsible for my life and keep the power, except for being childless. I was a kid, damn it. I could not have put myself out of the house I grew up in, with all the long-term matters that could have turned out differently like having a child. A theme that incidentally is stored in a ‘box on the shelf’. A box that, as I have promised myself, will only be taken off the shelf in a couple of years from now. It was meant

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Dina-Perla and TEDxAmsterdamWomen

Finding balance and three reasons why people leave closed-up communities

It’s all about ‘mixing’ in life. Also, I believe that contradiction is possible. More concretely, I do not believe in destroying the orthodox young version of Dina-Perla. That won’t work. She is still here and she has an undeniable role in the whole of my being. At the same time, my being consists of so much more, which helps me stay in balance. I have created my own human blend, which allows my most authentic self to exist. During the exhibition ‘From Spinoza until now’ about freethinking in the Amsterdam Museum, I walked past a wall that read: “Believers can

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Freethinkers: the opening

Freethinkers, the series, is an initiative on the back of a lecture I gave at the Amsterdams Museum. It was a terrific gathering with lots of wonderful people. At the end of my talk, the audience stayed in the room much longer, asked intriguing questions and shared personal stories safely with each other.  Put humanity and integrity first Aligned with the Freethinkers exhibition in the Amsterdams Museum, which includes my life’s work and will be live until March 2022, I talked about how we can be more tolerant towards freethinkers within conservative, religious networks. I discussed how we can put

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Event Gemeente Amsterdam ~ Samen sterk tegen psychische mishandeling

Wat een goed signaal en iets om trots op te zijn. Bijna 350 aanwezigen voor de digitale bijeenkomst van de Gemeente Amsterdam over geestelijke mishandeling, waaronder veel vakmensen. Hierbij een klein fragment. Zeer de moeite waard voor iedereen die zich kan vinden in taboes doorbreken, collectieve verantwoordelijkheid – zeker bij kinderen, humaniteit, integriteit en innovatie. Psychische mishandeling is de meest voorkomende vorm van huiselijk geweld in Nederland. Bijna driekwart miljoen Nederlanders vanaf 16 jaar en 1 op de 5 jongeren heeft er in een of andere vorm mee te maken. Dit brengt ontzettend veel onzichtbaar leed met zich mee. Want

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The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla

The Integrity Talks: Klokkenluiders

Vanaf 17 december 2021 gelden de regels van de Europese klokkenluidersrichtlijn ook in Nederland. Dat betekent dat veel werkgevers een integriteitsmedewerker moeten aanwijzen en meldingen zorgvuldig moeten ontvangen, onderzoeken en afhandelen. Tijd dus om ermee aan de slag te gaan. In deze Integrity Talks spreken we zeer uitgebreid over integriteit. Eén van de punten die aan bod komt, is dat er teveel aandacht gevestigd wordt op de melder in plaats van op de situatie. Dat moet anders. En er is nog veel en veel meer. The Integrity Talks met Caroline Raat en Geert Vermeulen is boordevol waardevolle inzichten op het

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The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla

The Integrity Talks: Compliance & Risk Management

Compliance & Risk Management en corporate governance is onmisbaar in tijden van grote integriteitsvraagstukken binnen een breed scala aan organisaties. Daarom spreken Prof. Dr. Peter Diekman RA en Dina-Perla Portnaar er samen over in The Integrity Talks. De talks geven een theoretische en praktische impuls en inzicht in nieuwe ontwikkelingen op het gebied van compliance & risk management. Tijdens de talks komen diverse cases uit het publieke domein aan bod. Potentiële mensen voor wie de talks geschikt zijn: bestuurders, commissarissen, controllers, financieel managers, compliance officers, interne legal counsels, internal auditors, fiscalisten, communicatiespecialisten, externe toezichthouders, advocaten, juridisch adviseurs, externe accountants en

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Passion Punch: My Unorthodox Life

The newest edition of Dina-Perla’s Passion Punch is dedicated to the Netflix production ‘My Unorthodox Life’ about a blended family breaking free from a Jewish orthodox community in the US. It is about the backlash that the production caused. Mostly, it is about the fundament of old works created by men many centuries ago, dictating current everyday life in these sorts of closed-up communities. I provide some quotes of the Shulchan Aruch to make this tangible. However, no goal, no religion, no belief system, no land, no nothing is worth loosing our humanity, which seems so obvious in the seculair

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Passion Punch: Chief Spiritual Officers: Caring for the human spirit

Spiritual care delivery has proven beneficial to patients, families and front-line healthcare providers, especially in times of COVID-19. As the negative stressors continue to rise, the need for a compassionate and caring presence becomes all the more apparent. However, there is a lack of Chaplaincy representation at the highest organisational levels, which entails many risks. This is a global issue – in fact, in all sorts of institutions. For example, if we would do a search on ‘Chief Spiritual Officer’ via LinkedIn, not a whole lot of results would show up. ‘Chief Spiritual Officers: advocating for spiritual care leadership’ was

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