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49 percent believe that management demonstrates exemplary behavior

The Integrity Talks

Only 49 percent of the working people in the Netherlands believe that management demonstrates exemplary behavior that is aligned to the organizational values. Though, working people in the Netherlands are satisfied with the trust that they receive from management. This can be concluded on the back of the Trust Index employee survey of Great Place To Work, a global consultancy and research agency in the domain of organizational culture. The survey was conducted among almost 850 respondents.

66 percent of the respondents think that management trusts the employees, and offers them the space to perform their tasks. 74% believe that employees are given a lot of responsibility within their organization. 56% indicate that they can ask leaders reasonable questions, and receive an honest answer. So there is still work to be done when it comes to honesty.

Similarly, only 39 percent are convinced that management acts with honesty and morals. 44% think that managers work well when coordinating people, and appointing work within the teams. 56 percent believe that leaders hire people who fit well into the organization. 55% believe that management only fires people if there is no other way. In short, ethical behavior should become a higher priority.

Source: Great Place To Work.