The Integrity Talks

Amount of victims in Dutch gymnastics much higher than thought

The Integrity Talks

The amount of victims of unacceptable behavior in the Dutch gymnastics world appears to be much higher than previously thought. This was confirmed by the gymnastics association called KNGU, after speaking to the Dutch press. Moreover, those abuses did not just take place a long time ago.

Initially, one hundred women were taken into account. A total of 171 applications were submitted for a financial compensation of 5000 euro per person, of which 166 were compensated indeed. These matters cost KNGU and the organization NOC * NSF a total of 830,000 euros. That is 300,000+ euros more than expected.

Of those 171 applications, 10 were for sexual abuse, 144 for physical abuse, and 168 for emotional abuse. In most gymnasts, the unacceptable behavior fell into several categories, for example having to keep on training with blood blisters and broken bones, pushing through flexibility exercises, ignoring and swearing by coaches, and bag checks.

Solutions include pedagogical courses for coaches, a maximum number of allowed training hours at certain ages, and making reporting easier. KNGU is now led my new people as part of the solution as well.

Source: on the back of diverse media publications.