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Canada pays indigenous communities for cultural genocide

The Integrity Talks

Canada pays indigenous communities for cultural genocide. Those communities will receive almost three billion Canadian dollars, which is approximately two billion euros. The compensation follows the children that have been abused and neglected in boarding schools for nearly a century. Thousands of those children died because of these crimes. In the past two years, the abuses have been in the spotlight because hundreds of anonymous graves were discovered at the locations of the former schools. Now, more than 1300 graves have been identified.

Canada settled with 324 Indigenous communities who filed lawsuits. Most likely, the money will go to an independent fund to revive indigenous education, culture, and language. The money should support survivors in healing the wounds, and reconnecting with their heritage.

From the late 1800s until the 1990s, the Canadian government sent approximately 150,000 children of indigenous descent to 139 boarding schools, mainly run by the Catholic Church. The children were deliberately cut off from their family, language, and culture, with the aim of getting the Indian out of the child, and turning the children into Euro-Canadian Christians. Many children were physically and sexually abused. Thousands died from disease, malnutrition, or neglect. That is why the term cultural genocide is correct. Pope Francis traveled to Canada in 2022 for a mea culpa. Sigh.

Source: own analysis on the back of many media outlets.