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Children’s home Hope for children closed

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The Surinamese authorities closed the children’s home Hope for children due to severe abuse, including violence and possible sexual abuse by the director and two employees. The abuses at the Hope for Children home were revealed after a girl was burned with an iron as a punishment, and another girl was assaulted. I was so baffled by this story, that I had to publish it via The Integrity Talks. Hope for children? What’s in the name…

The different sources talk about how the abuses came out in November 2022, and how the girls needed medical treatments. The staff even denied to the police that a victim was in the house, but the authorities found her anyway after a house search. The Netherlands was involved in the procedure that followed after the abuse came out. More and more abuses emerged, which led to the conclusion that there was structural abuse at Hope for children, including being beaten up with sticks, belts, bed boards, and pans, and including sexual abuse. What does not surprise me at all is the fact that employees knew about everything, but covered up, partially because they did not want to lose their jobs. The same pattern over and over again…

Hope for children has been open since 2017. Numerous Dutch volunteers have worked in the children’s home, and donations have been received from the Netherlands. The reports of abuse started in 2018. Now, the lawyer tries to get the children back, and to save this business. I hope that they will fail massively.

Source: diverse international news outlets.