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Dutch gym athletes receive recognition for abuse through compensation

The Integrity Talks

Dutch gym athletes who have become victims of abuse during the course of their top level sports career can now apply for a financial compensation. They can receive €5000 as recognition for the suffering they went through, the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union (KNGU) explains.

Gymnasts who were members of the KNGU can request the amount of money online until September 30, 2022. They must have trained for at least thirty hours a week over a longer period of time. They also must have reached the highest levels and have suffered substantially from physical, psychological and/or moral symptoms, even so that their social development is hindered as a result.

The Dutch Central Bureau for Complaints Management in Healthcare (CBKZ) will process the applications on behalf of the KNGU. The compensation was recommended by the integrity and ethics advisory committee of sports, an umbrella organization called NOC*NSF.

Some accused coaches remained active for years, even when victims had dared to speak up. A survey in 2021 underlined that humiliation, intimidation and insults were common, as well as a culture of fear. Well, at least some of us get recognized and compensated. That is definitely not always the case, speaking from experience.

Source: on the back of the press release and platform KNGU.