A sense of wonder gives color to the little things in life

Recently, I read something beautiful. “What matters most: the journey or the destination,” a person asked. “The company,” replied the other person. I don’t think this is special to most people at all, but to me, it is. Although I am sure that we are familiar with the phenomenon of company showing up at a successful destination… Suddenly, they are there, aren’t they? It is about honest company during someone’s entire ride, including the bad times and uncomfortable periods of growth. 

Even though I have some biological family, I am pretty much all alone in the world. Also, I do pretty much everything by myself. Yet, ‘family’ is a big word. That is not something people can call themselves because they are related to me biologically, but because they are there for me unconditionally and love me exactly for who I am. I wouldn’t have picked one single biological relative myself if I had had the choice. If I have to say something lofty about them at this point, then: they are my greatest spiritual teachers/lessons, or something like that. As I am writing this, I’m not in the mood for high frequencies and transcendence – ask me again tomorrow. 

History changer

I don’t share about 95% of everything that happens in life. I just like to keep it to myself and do it on my own, because most people don’t get it anyway. Or eventually – even with the best intentions in the world – they can cause a lot of unnecessary noise in my life.

Zooming out, I’m not the ‘friend collector’ type, in order to benefit from everyone, keep my PR up and running and in order for people to attend my funeral someday. I’m more the ‘history-changer’ type, in order to delve deeper and do the right thing. Even if I have to stand alone and be buried by myself someday. So the type of company matters.

Respect for whistleblowers

I love it when I meet like-minded people, who are engaged in, for example, integrity, awareness and deep thinking. I once heard someone say: “People hardly ever end up in this domain if they haven’t experienced something that have impacted them. If people haven’t been through anything like that, they would simply hardly ever think about entering this field.” True for the majority indeed. I have deep respect for the whistleblowers and change agents of this world. I hope the new whistleblower directive will give them a better position, because whistleblowers are so necessary.

Intelligence to be the best definition

You know, looking at all whistleblower cases in recent years, I can imagine how people can experience how insignificant they are and how ‘intelligent’, yet unfair everything is put together. I don’t know how to describe it other than ‘intelligent’. If a source or God does exist, I would consider ‘intelligence’ to be the best definition. There is so much that goes beyond our understanding. You know what comes to mind? Perhaps the most beautiful aspect about Judaism is the saying that every generation has to reinvent God for themselves. God or no God, orthodox or free, the essence of this saying is beautiful, namely that every person has the ability to rediscover magic. A sense of wonder gives color to the little things in life.