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Horrible how animals are treated in the Netherlands

The Integrity Talks

It is nothing but horrible how animals are treated in the Netherlands. Veterinarians and inspectors of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) who want to take action against animal abuse in the livestock and meat sector feel thwarted. Anyone who criticizes what is going on risks being fired.

That is what different whistleblowers within the NVWA said to Dutch media, called EenVandaag. Little has changed more than three years after a damning report on the abuses in the livestock and meat sector. Employees feel that supervision is not functioning properly.

Animals do not receive the medical care that they need, are kept in cramped pens or in their own manure, and do not receive water or moldy feed only. Several NVWA employees also talked about the supply of ‘wrecked’ cattle to slaughterhouses. These are often in such a bad condition, that they should not be allowed to be transported. Inspectors who want to take action against violations enter into discussions with their superiors, or are even prevented from taking action.

Do we even care about animal welfare? The things that people do for money. Horrific. This breaks my heart.

Source: EenVandaag.