Passion Punch: how to prepare a TED talk?

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a Passion Punch video on personal growth, mind building and integrity, because I was preparing a TED talk. On 1th December 2021, I gave the TED talk at TEDxAmsterdamWomen on how to break open closed-up communities and protect children from hurt.

A lot of people asked me about the process. How do you go about and structure your TED talk? How do you memorize the entire text? What can coaching do to support the process? How does giving a TED talk feel with very little face-to-face audience due to COVID-19 and with a massive digital audience? And much more.

More about my special TED talk journey in this video. I showed up and did the work. Soon, this global message with massive global urgency will be released into the world. You will be able to support this message even more. Let’s make it count, because to see the patterns is to see the solutions.

I represented an outfit of Mirjam – owner of Bij Mirjam, because we need to support creative and hard-working (female) small business owners much more. I also represented Weisz Group, wearing a beautiful watch of Danish Design and jewelry of Sif Jakobs. Weisz Group was built up from scatch after the Second World War. Soon, the fourth generation of the Weisz family may start working for the company. This family owned business is a phenomenon in its domain. Last, I represented Move&Rent. They rent out furniture and participate in the next level green economy with this wonderful concept of furniture-as-a-service. I believe in what they are building up. It is extraordinary.