Integrity Management: prevention

Everyone deserves to live a life with integrity on the back of a personal blueprint

Integrity management for teams

Let me not shy away from the hard conversations, and mirror back what needs to be mirrored

When working on tailor-made programs in the business world, I never lose sight of 1) morals, ethics, and integrity, connected to 2) well-being, and 3) what I have done for many years, namely reputation and stakeholder management – including PR, marketing, communications, and networking. These three pillars are connected.

The programs focus on building people’s integrity muscles to handle the gray areas of our time. To be more concrete: build willpower to strengthen integrity. Let me not shy away from the hard conversations when working on those programs, and mirror back what needs to be mirrored. Likewise, let me inspire people to hold on to their inner compass, and to (re)discover their blueprint. The programs integrate each and every personal blueprint within the whole for succesful collaboration and synergy.

At the core of those programs are the relationships, thus how people interact with each other, and the daily choices that they make. Of course, speaking out, and authentic communication is part of that journey. Otherwise, it is a waste of everyone’s time, energy, and money. Sometimes, these programs will require strengthening inclusivity in the sense of cross-cultural communications, culture, and codes of conduct as well.

Programs focus on building people’s integrity muscles to handle the gray areas of our time

Please note that I deliver programs within my domain. Throughout my career, I have built an immense credibility that I am extremely proud of, and that I am protecting to be of service for many more years to come.

Integrity management for you

Let me facilitate accountability for commitments and achieving goals (oh yes; not a coincidence that I start with this one). Let me offer guidance, insights, a safe and secure space for self-expression, and exploration. Because everyone deserves to live a life with integrity on the back of a personal blueprint. All of this translates into top-quality integrity consults, learning, and development, through deep, free, and critical thinking. Build your integrity muscles with me to handle the gray areas of our time. To be more concrete: build your willpower to strengthen your integrity.

Our collaboration will lead to clarity, self-awareness, the weakening of limiting beliefs, and conscious choices. You will learn how to live in integrity in terms of thoughts, words, and actions. Likewise, you will become more integrated instead of compartmentalized, by looking at the behavioral traits, weaknesses, and habits. You will gain strength, motivation, trust, discipline, vision, healthy relationships, time, peace, joy, harmony, and purpose. The last includes living according to your mission.

Transcending a promise into reality

In the context of personal growth, improvements, and transitions, profound integrity means transcending a promise into reality. Some call this the power of manifestation. This process starts by being aware of yourself, and of what is right and wrong to you. In other words, by getting to know your personal blueprint. Then by staying true to yourself indeed, and living according to that blueprint.

Constrained and limited moralities as registered by the mind are not accepted, even when there can be some truth to it, for example because society keeps us stuck. The mind gets reconnected to the heart, which leads to the best, balanced outcomes called life. Naturally, living with integrity is not always easy, as the more you do it, the more you will lose what is not aligned.

However, not living with integrity comes at high costs of conflicting manifestations, due to the issues with self-worth, confidence, and authenticity. Mixtures of complex emotions can arise over a period of time, including shame, guilt, anger, and sadness. Not living with integrity usually means significantly not being able to be in integrity with others, and others not being able to be in integrity with you. It can even show up as health problems.

Living with integrity is the answer, and is truly a profound way to live, as you will honor your values and basic principles with enhanced dignity, self-respect, mercy, compassion, and joy. You will gain power by taking full responsibility, including acknowledging and restoring wrongdoing when relevant.

Transformations are not just meant for those high-performance achievers out there

Transformations are not always easy, as those require determination, commitment, dedication (time, money, effort), discipline, and enough desire. Yet, I do believe that transformations are not just meant for those high-performance achievers out there. Or for those at executive level who have the means to pay for it. We can all improve, whatever our starting-point may be. We can all investigate our gifts, abilities (knowledge and competences if you will), and talents.

If you work with my methods and systems, living with a bit of integrity becomes impossible. In practice, this means that if you will hold on to your inner compass using these methods and systems, you will be led to the highest expression of yourself. Whether that will be a gentle or brutal confrontation indeed. Let me facilitate and mirror back.

I will create a tailor-made roadmap for you, and guide you along the way. If you are open to spirituality, I will come up with the most inspiring methods of our time, also in the case of much-needed personal healing. If you are open to evidence-based methods only, I will bring the best scientific work to the table, and then take that path with you. If you are a deep, free, and critical thinker like me, I will make sure to include those elements moving forward.

Rate card, ex 21% VAT

  • 1:1 personal integrity consults per hour, as well as the necessary preparation: €95
  • Strategic business integrity consults per hour, as well as the necessary preparation: €175 – €225
  • Masterclass program, one day per person: €900 – €1200
  • Masterclass program, two days without lodging per person: €900 – €1800
  • Super plus masterclass program, one day per person: €2500
  • Super plus masterclass program, two days per person: €2500 – €3500

Please note that I’d be happy to hear from you if your personal financial situation does not allow you to pay these rates. Tailor-made programs and ratings can be agreed on.