The Integrity Talks

Integrity manager plays a central role within organizations (Dutch)

The Integrity Talks

More and more organizations are taking their integrity policy seriously. Appointing an integrity manager plays a central role within organizations. The House for Whistleblowers (Huis voor Klokkenluiders, HvK) has defined a profile to educate and meet expectations.

Integrity is an important topic for organizations. Employers are expected to take the necessary integrity measures, such as reporting procedures, tender procedures, confidential consults and codes of conduct. Employers are advised to make one or more people in the organization responsible for the integrity policy. The HvK has published an extensive job profile. This gives employers guidance on what a good integrity manager will do, including the development and implementation of the integrity policy.

Tasks could include:

  • Mapping the specific integrity risks and issues;
  • Developing, implementing, disseminating, monitoring and updating the integrity policy;
  • Supporting and advising management in the implementation and improvement of the integrity policy;
  • Drawing attention to and managing the subject of integrity;
  • Collaborating with external parties, such as umbrella organizations or consultative bodies;
  • Advising on external communication (proactive and in case of incidents);
  • Supporting employees in finding the right reporting channels.

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