Interactive game helps Dutch municipalities improve integrity

Berenschot consultancy has launched a game that Dutch municipalities can use to improve the integrity levels of their professionals.

There are many integrity violations taking place, for example within the local government. Most integrity violations have a subtle nature, meaning that most people score average on the integrity, ethics and morals scale. This large group of people can be trained and inspired to do the right thing.

Professionals need to check with themselves regularly whether they act ethically or not, which is not easy because there are no fixed definitions for what is ethical and what is not. Moreover, these are quite tricky subjects, so people hesitate to talk and to share with each other. This new integrity game prioritizes these subjects within municipalities. The themes get presented in a current, accessible and appealing manner.

While playing the game, users are faced with numerous dilemmas and with making some hard choices. The players have to select a module that is designed for their specific function within the local government. There are eight modules aimed at different roles, from manager to policy officer and from front office employee to youth care consultant.

After playing the game, the professionals can discuss the answers within their departments. They can learn from each other and discover what integrity, morals and ethics mean to every single professional. They can work on a so-called common gut feeling.

Source: press release and as discussed with marketing.