The Integrity Talks

Kamala Harris on moral responsibility of AI-companies

The Integrity Talks

US Vice President Kamala Harris talked about the moral responsibility of AI-companies. She believes that tech-companies need to protect people from the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. Abso-freaking-lutely! The private sector has an ethical, moral, and legal responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their products, said Harris.

Advances in technology have always presented opportunities and risks, and generative AI is no different, Kamala Harris said. She continued: AI is one of today’s most powerful technologies, with the potential to improve people’s lives and tackle some of society’s biggest challenges.

At the same time, AI has the potential to dramatically increase threats to safety and security, infringe civil rights and privacy, and erode public trust and faith in democracy. Hear, hear. New regulations and legislation will be extremely necessary. In other words, the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, and related executive actions, the AI Risk Management Framework, and a roadmap for standing up a National AI Research Resource. Collaboration between all parties involved will be a must.

President Joe Biden dropped by the meeting to underscore that companies have a fundamental responsibility to make sure that their products are safe and secure before they are deployed or made public. Risks include safety, security, human and civil rights, privacy, jobs, and democratic values.

The meeting discussed the:

  • Need for companies to be more transparent with policymakers, the public, and others about their AI-systems;
  • Importance of being able to evaluate, verify, and validate the safety, security, and efficacy of AI-systems;
  • Demand to ensure AI-systems are secure from malicious actors and attacks.

Source: on the back of diverse articles, including The American Bazaar.