The Integrity Talks

Killing owned animals should be banned entirely

The Integrity Talks

Killing owned animals should be banned entirely. The Dierenbescherming, thus the Dutch animal protection, has been lobbying for change for a long time now. The ban already applied to dogs, cats, and geese, but now all other animals need to be added to the list. Because all animals suffer pain, experience fear, and have consciousness. It baffles me to see that we are still talking about such matters in this day and age.

The rules as they apply to dogs, cats, and geese are clear: killing is only allowed for a number of compelling reasons, and usually with the involvement of a veterinarian. However, I would hope that the veterinarians would be involved no matter what, even if the costs for their services might be high. If animal holders cannot pay, then they should not hold animals. Period.

Now, the Netherlands is talking about offering courses on how to kill animals quickly under certain circumstances. For example, when they experience unbearably pain. Unbelievable… How the hell should anyone know when an animal is in pain, even animal holders? Even experts such as vets find that very challenging. Besides, when is something an incident? And if being an incident, how the hell should an animal holder learn and maintain the suitable techniques to do so?

Let’s start by treating animals like human beings, and making sure that they don’t get ill or injured. See veterinarians regularly. That should also limit costs. Leave the rest to the experts.

Source: Dierenbescherming.