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Learning from mistakes; an autobiography by my friend

The Integrity Talks

Learning from mistakes is the main reason why my friend Robert Fink, also known as Zoltan, wrote his autobiography. Robert Fink travelled the world and wrote about his experiences in his book called Almost romances while travelling the world, published by Europe Books.

Robert Fink had his craziest years during the pandemic, almost as if living in a virtual reality, parallel universe, or Hollywood movie. Fink started to tell his stories to some friends, who helped him to get through this period. Then, he thought about sharing his lessons learned with the younger generations. Learning from mistakes means avoiding making some. Besides, the more you travel, the more you experience in life, which means that chances are that you will make mistakes indeed.

The process of writing helped Robert Fink to remember many matters, to understand them more and to reflect on them, thinking what he would potentially do differently if he could and what to bring to the unpredictable future. Fink was happy with the end result and even surprised that his story still moved him so much along the way.

My friend Zoltan, a.k.a. Robert Fink

One of the topics Robert Fink talked about is how people are driven by fear, which has major consequences, including telling lies or procrastinating. People are also scared to hurt others with their decisions, so they tend to live according to the blueprint of others instead of their own. The truth might hurt, but better face it than for example sugar-coat it. Being true to yourself and to others is a matter of respect, integrity and mental health. Ask and listen, understand and never judge.

Another topic that Robert Fink talked about is that once you step out of your comfort zones and experience different places, cultures and so on, you start to understand many things. Fink understood that there are more similarities than differences between people. Moreover, communicating and thinking in several languages changed his mindset and made him more empathic and humble.

Robert Fink finished the book like most TV series, thus making people curious about what comes next. As he wrote in his book: live now, but always imagine what you want long-term.

Important note: this is not a referral in terms of quality. This is only a matter of being of service to a friend.