Love with integrity

I always say that choosing belonging over yourself is bloody painful and that integrity is not conditional. Integrity underlines how you view yourself, including your self-worth and how you relate to others, even when you are not around them. Some matters got me thinking about loving with integrity. Many people just go from one person to the next, or juggle different people at the same time, without truly seeing themselves and the other(s). What happened to the blueprint of investing in that special person, falling in love with that same person over and over and over again and going deeper within yourself and the other – not staying on the surface of life?

This thinking might make me a bit traditional, but ah well, story of my life. Besides, personal growth is something that we need to do by ourselves. The word personal underlines it. Meaning, our personal challenges won’t change when we hop from one person to the next. Moreover, all that excess baggage of heartaches accumulated from so-called love: what’s the point of that? Can you imagine what can be done with that life force, energy, time, money and effort instead? Why not being much more selective to avoid accumulating that baggage, going inwards and releasing as much as possible to not influence a potential new love? That way, trust, respect and belonging can actually get a shot, don’t you think?

So, let’s love with integrity. How about that? Let’s be the most authentic that we can be instead of playing games and wearing masks. Let’s show our darkest sides and not just our lightest sides – yes, from the beginning. Let’s be our complete self to truly connect, even if that is scary. Let’s have more peace of mind instead of being anxious. Let’s throw endless analyzing and obsessing about all the details in the garbage. Integrity means taking a heart-centered approach. Let’s feel it instead of thinking it. Integrity means that your intuition will feel it, not your friends or family. Their thoughts are based on limited perspectives, experiences and biases. Trust yourself to do the right thing and make the right decisions. Let’s feel that expansion.

All of this is only possible if you know your worth and care less about the perceptions of others, even that potential love. Integrity means belonging to yourself first. You should please yourself first and not seek for love of others. If they truly see you, they’ll love you exactly for who you are. Know that you will be your most important person in your life anyway, so you might at least go for quality, right? Don’t settle for less. Integrity is feeling whole already, with feminine grace and true essence. Integrity is expressing yourself fully to be heard and understood, to connect deeper and in a more meaningful way – even if it might scare that person away. To live a deeper and more meaningful life.