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Magic Lane launches groundbreaking platform in Maps, Location & Navigation services

The Integrity Talks

Magic Lane launches a groundbreaking platform in intelligent, compact and privacy-friendly Maps, Location & Navigation services, including software development kits (SDK’s). The company officially enters the European market with this offer. The platform combines the large amount of qualitative map and data sources with smart algorithms. This allows companies, for example in cycling and micro-mobility, to build personalized services for their customers quickly and efficiently. 

Personalized route and navigation solutions

Magic Lane has employed an experienced team of about 40 developers to build the platform into open Maps, Location & Navigation services. The team did this with an extremely careful, experienced and innovative approach. Personalized route and navigation solutions have been created using various SDK’s, which can also be used offline, completely without connectivity.

The platform leverages Open Street Maps and some 2000 other open source map resources and live data resources. It can be easily integrated with the growing stream of vehicle and driver data. Think of traffic data, weather data, air quality data and personal vehicle, fitness and performance data.

Originated from Route 66

The team behind Magic Lane originates from the former Route 66, which also brought the first route planner to the Mac and PC in the 1990s. In addition, Route 66 was the first to launch navigation solutions, also the first on Nokia, Samsung and HTC mobile phones.

A few years ago, the founders who have over 30 years of experience in Maps, Location & Navigation services decided to start making the software from scratch. The project was carried out under the name ‘General Magic’, with the navigation app Magic Earth as a testing ground for Android and iOS. The app was well received.

“From General Magic to Magic Lane, because we actually made a new start. The name is also a compliment to the driving force behind the company, namely founder and CTO Johan Lanen. We often call him the walking encyclopedia in our domain. Thus, Magic Lane is actually an experienced newcomer in the European market who wants to shake up the established order. A celebration that we feel proud of,” said Raymond Alves, CEO Magic Lane.

Focus on bicycle and micro-mobility market for a reason

As a Dutch company, Magic Lane focuses on companies within the bicycle and micro-mobility market in Europe for a reason. These companies supply vehicles or solutions that require a different approach than, for example, the average car.

“An optimal route really changes when the cyclist’s weight is combined with, for example, information about the landscape and the amount of energy available in the bicycle battery. In addition, Magic Lane’s code and architecture are so clean, simple and compact that the software platform requires little processor, energy and storage capacity. This makes it easy to embed in all sorts of devices and means of transport. The complete solution even works on a low-cost platform, such as the Raspberry Pi zero,” says Alves.

Shorten time-to-market

Currently, the market for bicycles and micromobility is growing rapidly, partly due to sustainability developments. Magic Lane’s smart algorithms enable companies to keep up with that growth and quickly meet the increasingly complex demands of end users. Think not only of services in Maps, Location & Navigation services for cyclists, city cyclists, gravel cyclists and mountain (e) bikers, but also delivery and courier services. They use more than enough bicycles, e-bikes, electric delivery vehicles and e-scooters.

To respond to current developments and further shorten the time-to-market, Magic Lane offers various software development kits (SDK’s). This allows developers to use their own front-end and map styles per operating system – iOS, Android, Javascript, QT, Linux, Flutter and C++. In other words, they can quickly and effortlessly create a personalized offer.

Privacy is a top priority

Magic Lane clearly distinguishes itself from other providers in Maps, Location & Navigation services because of the way in which data privacy is maintained. Privacy is a top priority for everyone at all levels of the company.

Naturally, Magic Lane’s software complies with European GDPR legislation and the platform’s data centers are located in Europe. Also, users of a final offer built on the Magic Lane platform are always anonymous and remain anonymous. In addition, Magic Lane does not store the generated data and the company does not transfer it either.

The festive launch of Magic Lane will take place from November 15 to 17, 2022, during the Tomorrow Mobility and Smart City Expo fair in Barcelona, Spain.

About Magic Lane

Magic Lane is a provider of a software platform that brings providers of Maps, Location & Navigation services back to the essentials: clean, smart, compact, compatible, uncompromising and extremely privacy-friendly. Magic Lane enables customers in Europe to provide their customers with innovative, highly specialized and future-proof route and navigation solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Magic Lane was founded in 2022. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has a development team in Brasov, Romania. The team consists of about fifty professionals. More via