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Measurement points of forgiveness

The Integrity Talks

Sometimes with major life events, phases and transformations, it can be as ‘simple’ as questioning: who have I not yet forgiven? A psychological-spiritual work which focuses on the theme of forgiveness is A course in miracles.

I know from experience that forgiving is hard work, all-encompassing and non-linear. I went through all those different stages of forgiveness myself. Those can be put on a scale, from the 3D human experience to the mystical and spiritual realms of true freedom and innocence beyond time and space.

Let me go through some measurement points on that scale with you:

Letting go

  • Letting go of expectations that things should be different and letting go of hope;
  • Seeing and accepting everything for what it is;
  • Letting go of condemnation;
  • Releasing physical, mental thus emotional detox, or material baggage;
  • Growing as a person and therefore being able to forgive others;
  • Understanding the bigger picture;
  • Freeing yourself and others from a symbolic prison.

Being able to see actions as a call for love, as A course in miracles calls it.

Focusing on the inner world instead of the outer world.

Comprehending that: “nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists.

Some background:

Many measurement points that are still inclined towards the 3D human experiences have to do with the ego. There is nothing wrong with that. These measuring points are also necessary. In fact, psychological-spiritual systems such as A course in miracles do not speak about destroying the ego. However, the further someone is in the process of forgiveness and the more someone goes towards the mystical and spiritual realms of true freedom and innocence beyond time and space, the more someone is already perfect in the now.

The authentic Self would not have acted in such a way, allowing seeing those actions as a call for love and an illusion in this world. Indeed, what is real cannot be threatened – real in the sense of being infinite and imperishable. Forgiveness works from the inside out. Try it. And when you fail? Have mercy. That is OK.