The Integrity Talks

Measures to tackle organizations that undermine the rule of law

The Integrity Talks

New measures should be in place to tackle organizations that undermine the democratic rule of law or public authority in the Netherlands. That is why new enforcement instruments are being added to the Civil Society Organizations Transparency Act (Wtmo). The proposal to amend the current Wtmo will be sent to the House of Representatives.

All of this will provide additional support in the event of undermining democratic values, fundamental freedoms, or human rights. Earlier, the Dutch government announced its aim to get a better grip on money flows that facilitate unwanted influence on organizations based in the Netherlands.

Besides, a court order will be able to be imposed, requiring an organization to refrain from certain activities for a period up to two years. In addition, an organization will be able to be sentenced to report certain donations or money flows to the Public Prosecution Service. Assets will be able to be frozen, and a ban on certain donations will be able to be imposed.

Source: Rijksoverheid.