More women than men have been appointed to supervisory board members

More women than men have been appointed as supervisory board members of listed companies in the Netherlands. This is a first as concluded by the Female Board Index 2022. An annual record is made of the male-female ratio in listed companies. 85 new commissioners were appointed this year. 55 percent were women. 89 Dutch companies were listed. The percentage of female supervisory directors rose by 5 percent this year, to 38 percent. The share of female directors is still lagging behind: of the 32 new directors, only 5 were female.

Since the beginning of this year, a women’s quota has been in effect for the supervisory boards of listed companies. According to that quota, one third of the supervisory directors must be female (or, conversely, a man, if more women are employed). If a supervisory board does not comply with this, new appointments of male supervisory directors will be canceled, until there is a right balance between men and women. 72 companies meet that quota. A year ago, it was 61.

Source: Female Board Index 2022.