The Integrity Talks

Muel Kaptein’s body of work in Journal of Business Ethics

The Integrity Talks

Muel Kaptein, professor of business ethics at RSM Erasmus University, may be our Dutch diva of integrity and compliance. He worked really hard and accomplished a lot throughout the years. Recently, he shared his body of work in the Journal of Business Ethics. A clear overview:

1998: Twelve Gordian knots when developing an organizational code of ethics (with Johan Wempe) 
2000: The empirical assessment of corporate ethics (with Jan van Dalen) 
2002: Guidelines for the development of an ethics safety net
2004: Ties that grind? (with Pursey Heugens & Hans van Oosterhout)
2004: Business codes of multinational firms

2006: Foundations and applications for contractualist business ethics (with Pursey Heugens & Hans van Oosterhout)
2006: Business dilemmas and religious belief (with Johan Graafland & Corrie Mazereeuw – van der Duijn Schouten)
2008: The effectiveness of business codes (with Mark Schwartz)
2008: Spiraling down into corruption (with Niki den Nieuwenboer)
2009: Ethics programs and ethical culture

2010: The Ethics of Organizations
2011: Towards Effective Codes
2011: From Inaction to External Whistleblowing
2014: Painting with the Same Brush (with Franziska Zuber)
2014: Religiosity, CSR Attitudes, and CSR Behavior (with Corrie Mazereeuw – van der Duijn Schouten & Johan Graafland)

2015: Mutually Enhancing Responsibility (with Mihaela Constantinescu) 
2015: The Effectiveness of Ethics Programs
2016: Why Do Managers Leave Their Organization? (with Maiju Kangas, Mari Fränti-Huhtala, Lämsä, Pihlajasaari & Taru Feldt)
2017: The Battle for Business Ethics
2018: The Moral Entrepreneur

2019: Team Ethical Cultures Within an Organization (with Guillem Casòliva Cabana, PhD Candidate, MSc, BA, CCEP-I)
2020: How Much You See Is How You Respond
2021: Longitudinal Patterns of Ethical Organisational Culture as a Context for Leaders’ Well Being (with Mari Fränti-Huhtala, Muotka & Taru Feldt.)
2021: The Moral Duty to Love One’s Stakeholders
2022: A Paradox of Ethics