New York has new law: The Adult Survivors Act

New York as a new law, namely The Adult Survivors Act. This law now makes it possible for survivors of sexual assault to file a lawsuit regardless of when the abuse occurred. Within the coming year, people can take legal action against the perpetrators, even if the statute of limitations on the crime has expired. An example of such a person is E. Jean Carroll, who says that she was raped by former President Donald Trump in the 1990s. However, victims had to be 18 years old or older when the abuse happened. For children, there is already a similar law in place, namely The Child Victims Act.

Moreover, the Adult Survivors Act enables survivors to sue organizations that were complicit in the wrongdoing, such as religious institutions, schools and businesses. I think that this law is justice long overdue and that it should not just be for victims of sexual abuse, but whatever form of abuse indeed. In fact, it becomes very personal, as the board members and directors slash rabbis of the only Jewish Orthodox school that we have in the Netherlands never rectified what they are responsible for in my life as a child, with irreparable consequences of not having children long-term.

Meanwhile, a Christian organization called Faithful America has started a petition to protesting Trump’s 2024 campaign. The organization is asking people to speak out against Trump running for president to oppose Christian nationalism and white supremacy. The goal of at least 15000 signatures was achieved already. Let’s hope that this man will not return. Him returning to Twitter is already one of the worst decisions of our time.