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New Zealand wants to lower voting age to 16

The Integrity Talks

New Zealand wants to lower the voting age to 16. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced an amendment to the law to make this happen. The change comes after the Supreme Court ruled that a voting age of 18 is discriminatory and violates the human rights of young people, The Guardian reports.

A group of young people, united in the organization called Make It 16, had filed a case to lower the voting age. The young people believe that they should be able to participate in the discussion about topics that affect them the most, such as the climate crisis.

Although Ardern supports lowering the voting age, it is still unclear whether her proposal will make it. Three quarters of parliament must agree to change the voting rights. The center-right National Party, which is needed to reach 75 percent, is not yet in favor of lowering the voting age. I think it would be a tremendous plan, also for the Netherlands.

Source: BNNVARA, Joop, as discussed with Francisco van Jole.