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No lobby register for Dutch government

The Integrity Talks

There will be no lobby register for the Dutch government to map out the influence of companies and interest groups on policy. Dutch Minister Hanke Bruins Slot has made the decision. In doing so, she ignores a parliamentary motion that had the support of all parties except the Dutch party called VVD, and the Van Haga Group.

Bruins Slot says that it is not possible to arrive at a unified definition of what a lobbyist is, which is ‘laughable’, as other politicians have stated, as well as that it is ‘absurd’ that Bruins Slots ignores several motions. Earlier, the European anti-corruption watchdog called GRECO reprimanded the Netherlands for failing to act on the recommendations to tackle corruption.

There is a lobby register in countries such as the United States, England, Germany, France, and Belgium. Minister Pieter Omtzigt believes that the Netherlands cannot lag behind. More rules need to be introduced to curb network corruption.

Bruins Slot is now arguing for public agendas of ministers. The question is whether that will have much effect. Investigations, for example those of the Open State Foundation and Transparency International, have repeatedly shown that ministers fall short in disclosing their agendas.

Source: BNN VARA, Joop, as discussed with Francisco van Jole.