The Integrity Talks

Pact Dutch media against unacceptable behavior

The Integrity Talks

There is a pact between Dutch media against unacceptable behavior. The NPO, RTL, Talpa Network, NEP, EMG, and the Association of Dutch Content Producers (NCP) signed the Respectful Collaboration covenant. In the fight against (sexual) unacceptable behavior, media companies have signed this covenant to create a safer working environment.

During a hearing of the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Culture, and Science in January 2022, RTL and Talpa already decided on some action points, including cultivating better awareness of the reporting center for unacceptable behavior, an in-depth investigation into the corporate culture, and the covenant which has now appeared indeed.

The broadcasters, producers, and the facility companies that signed the covenant and previously joined the Mores foundation, will offer awareness training, and will emphasize the presence of internal and external confidential advisers. “The media sector will enhance the safety of all employees: from producers, broadcasters, and facilities companies to participants, freelancers, guests, and other parties involved. At every level, and in every part of the chain,” the statement underlines. “Especially when the various companies come together, clarity about desired behavior is extremely important.”

The Media Pact Respectful Collaboration must be a joint effort for the long term. In practice, this means that parties will enter into discussions together, share dilemmas, learn from each other, and will stimulate each other. For example, all directors will receive training from an external party, employees receive a so-called ‘e-learning’ on respectful collaboration, and a campaign will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

Great stuff! Because media people are lucky to work in such an amazing domain, which should be tangible in terms of joy, creativity, fun, and connection.

Source: Parool.