Personal transformations take time

At the end of 2012, I won the VIVA400 Good Award for the projects around domestic violence and working with minorities. The VIVA400 award gave me a sort of push towards my personal transformation, which started in 2013 and only fully ended the first cycle in 2018. My transformation started by telling my story through the stories of others, until I was ready to look at my history and investigate the family histories, which I did in 2016. I mentioned during that speech in 2012 that I wanted to write a book. In 2018, Exodus from the lighthouse, Shadow behind and face towards the sun finally came out.

Whatever change is wanted or necessary in life, I am humble proof that everything’s possible, but also that things take [a lot of] time. For someone like me, it can be hard to be patient, but it is worth it. And then, there are those developments that follow each other so quickly. I’ve always been fascinated by what I call living gracefully, which has to do with all of this. Being compassionate and setting healthy boundaries is what supported me navigating through this process.