The Integrity Talks

Plan promotes the right to self-determination

The Integrity Talks

In the Netherlands, we believe that everyone should be themselves. And that everyone can fully participate in society without infringing one’s right to self-determination. Unfortunately, for many people that is not yet the case.

A large group of Dutch people, mainly women, have to deal with coercion when it comes to all kinds of choices in life, such as education, marriage and participation in society. In addition, research shows that the largest number of victims of forced marriage, abandonment in another country without passport and means and marital captivity face dependent financial situations and do not earn their own money.

The government wants to reduce such oppression in the Netherlands and promote self-determination. This preventive effort is described in a multi-year plan. This plan aims to initiate a change of mentality within closed-up communities. In addition, it focuses on increasing the basic financial skills of women in a dependency situation. For example, they learn how to apply for a bank card and how to open an account. Attention is also paid to promoting the culture and gender sensitive work of professionals involved in tackling money worries, poverty and debt. Finally, with this plan, professionals and parents are supported with parenting questions related to the theme of self-determination.

Read the letter to parliament about the so-called long-term plan of self-determination 2022-2025.

Source: Rijksoverheid.