The Integrity Talks

Podcast: The rest is integrity and PR

The Integrity Talks

Jacki and Lyle started a new podcast adventure, called ‘The rest is…’ I jointed them to talk about integrity. It turned out to be a truly marvelous conversation.

Worth it if you want to spend time with your international industry family, and if you love the crazy and creative ones. Listen and judge for yourself.

We talked about:

  • Secrets of our domain;
  • Future of our domain in times of ChatGPT or other AI-developments;
  • Career path;
  • Small business life;
  • Integrity and what we do;
  • Integrity and the relationships with our customers;
  • Safe culture;
  • Gray areas and integrity breaches;
  • Organizational and personal purpose;
  • How each generation becomes smarter;
  • Team work and ideas;
  • The Integrity Talks – platform built on winning and doing business with integrity, and sharing thoughts on what integrity means;
  • Upcoming talk during BPC Europe 2023 at De Beurs van Berlage, and other talks;
  • Supporting others in living with integrity, using a solid backbone in psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

We went over two call-to-actions:

  • For women: you are worth much more than all that data prostitution in the name of branding, digitalization, and monetization, which starts with having more self-respect;
  • For the agency world: we can compete on the level of ideas or pitches, but we cannot go for unhealthy rivalries like we have seen happening for far too long, including bullying, sabotage, and libel and slander. We need to improve the general norms and values of this domain, which starts by being kinder.

Jacki asked me something partially off-topic, namely where I stand in terms of beliefs, and whether people with religious upbringings tend to take morals, ethics, and integrity more into account. A fascinating question deserves a fascinating and in-depth answer. Find out how I responded on the spot.