Press selection

The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla

Growing up in a closed-up community

De Nieuwe Wereld (Dutch)

An adult community does not shy away from self-reflection

De Vrijdagavond (Dutch)

DNA with sprinkles. Ordering a baby

Ouders Van Nu, part onetwo and three (Dutch). Also, podcast Mariska van Dam (Dutch)

Not having children

Famme (Dutch)

VIVA coverbodytrends section and press (Dutch)

After abuse

Gezondheid & Co (Dutch)

Memoirs about Jewish ultra-orthodoxy

Huis van de Wijkkrant, part one and two (Dutch)

Living gracefulness as a personal guide

Zinwebfirst chapterCivis Mundi and the Theosophy Association (Dutch). Awake Magazine (Dutch)

The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla

Living gracefully and exercise

Vriendin (Dutch)

Fertility and endometriosis

Women’s Health (Dutch)

Most inspiring people of the year

Fonk magazine (Dutch)

Let’s talk freedom

Nieuw WijKRO-NCRV, Vrijdenkers via HUMAN and Boeddistisch Dagblad (Dutch)

HUMAN and free thinking

Humanistisch Verbond (Dutch). Groene, TROUW and Volkskrant (Dutch)

Matters should not be swept under the rug

WNL (Dutch)

Fled home and cut off all contact

EenVandaag and NPO Radio 1

Passionate work makes misbehavior impossible

Management Impact (Dutch)


Transparency is the hardest thing

Management Impact (Dutch)

The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla

The desire for freedom

De Groene Amsterdammer (Dutch)

Ode to my grandmother: we both fought hard in our lives

 Telegraaf TV (Dutch)

Searching pen with raison d’être

 Trotse Moeders (Dutch).  Trotse Moeders II (Dutch)

Exodus uit de vuurtoren, high profile memoirs

 Trotse Moeders (Dutch)

The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla

About endometriosis

Mijn Geheim (Dutch)

Communication and transparency can break open closed bastions

Adformatie (Dutch)

Dry January

Telegraaf (Dutch).

Taboo around an unsafe childhood

 Mynd (Dutch)

Free spirited Dina-Perla

Zie Oud Zuidfirst edition give-away (Dutch).

Remembering grandmother

Remember meLibelle and Libelle part two.

How ultra-orthodoxy won

TROUW (Dutch)

Closed up communities are not always safe for women

Nederlands Dagblad and Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch)

NPO Radio 1

NPO Radio 1, episode 1episode 2episode 3episode 4 and episode 5.

What can’t stand the light of day?

NPO Radio 1 (Dutch)

Abuse in nice streets

RTL Nieuws (Dutch)

Coming out

Het Parool (Dutch)


Risk & Compliance Platform and book section (Dutch)

The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla


Risk & Compliance Platform and book section (Dutch)

Community before the individual

Wendy Online, Held in eigen verhaal (Dutch)

Chief Spiritual Officers: Caring for the human spirit with integrity, grace and safety

Risk & Compliance Platform

Free thinker exposition Amsterdams Museum

Nieuw Wij (Dutch)

Endometriosis is more than just menstruation pain

Gezondheid & Co (Dutch)

You and your pet

Vriendin (Dutch)


Fun X (Dutch)

Special meaning of walking

Telegraaf (Dutch)

Dutch elections

Telegraaf TV (Dutch)

The Integrity Talks by Dina-Perla

Healing force of animals

RTL Nieuws (Dutch)

Break the cycle of violence and isolation

Jan magazine (Dutch)

Endometriosis Awareness Month

 Telegraaf (Dutch)

Safety and the Cheider

Telegraaf and Telegraaf (Dutch)

Lobby around endometriosis

Petition (Dutch)

Growth and forgiveness

Zuid, cover and body (Dutch)

Confrontation with violence

De Kanttekening (Dutch)

NINA magazine, Het Laatste Nieuws

Het Laatste Nieuws (Dutch)

Pushing back

NH Nieuws (Dutch)

Breaking with our parents’ traditions

De Publieke Tribune Radio (Dutch)