Shocking Dutch report on abuses triathlon sport

A shocking Dutch report by Unraveling Research & Advice on the abuses in the triathlon sport was made public. The nature and scale of the problems in triathlon have been way more serious than people thought in the past 15 years. Social safety and transgression between 2007 and 2021 was a big topic indeed. The Dutch triathlon association has apologized to the victims.

Dozens of athlete teenagers were victims of bullying, gossip, social exclusion, emotional abuse and other transgressive behaviors, such as encouraging unhealthy weight loss. Young athletes were also asked to train when they were injured. There was a lot of favoritism and tampering with the stipend of athletes. Coaches and the technical director advised athletes not to study or to travel back home to their parents during the weekend. There were many tensions and conflicts between athletes. Athletes who were too critical of the staff ran the risk of not being selected for competitions.

Source: on the back of many news articles.