Talk at CCV – Center for Crime Prevention and Safety

Next week, I will give a private talk (actually a strategic consultation of 1.5 hour) at the National Innovation Platform MPG Roma, CCV, thus Center for Crime Prevention and Safety. It will be about what it means to grow up in a closed-up religious community, including the personal barriers I experienced when I wanted to participate in ’that oh-so-horrible Western society’ as a child.

I will zoom in on the underlying processes and problems that seem to be invisible to people who are not (or do not want to be) familiar with these sorts of parallel worlds in society. I’ll talk about how to start the conversation anyway, even though there’s cultural relativism going on and even though there are clever mechanisms that keep things exactly the way they always were. We can always, yes always do something. And I will talk about security during and after breaking free from such closed-up systems.

An incredible number of government bodies will participate in this meeting. In other words, don’t ever tell me that one voice cannot change the world. I am incredibly proud.