The Integrity Talks

Women’s rights treaty will apply to entire EU, despite opposition

The Integrity Talks

The Women’s rights treaty will apply to the entire EU, despite the opposition. Parts of it would also apply to a number of EU-countries that have refused so far to ratify the treaty. The European Parliament has agreed, and the support of a majority of the EU-member states is assured.

The EU has signed the treaty, but has not yet formally ratified it. Conservative member states, such as Hungary and Slovakia, have never taken that second step themselves, and do not want the union to do so.

EU-countries such as the Netherlands and the European Parliament also want to move forward. A large majority of parliament voted in favor of ratification. The governments of most Member States are also expected to agree soon, which would be the greenlight to move forward.

This does not mean that the entire Istanbul Convention will be into force in the six EU-member states that have not yet agreed to it. This will only apply to areas where the EU is responsible, such as a number of agreements on asylum and judicial cooperation.

Proponents do see a great symbolic value in the ratification. Despite a number of obstructions, the EU as a whole fully supports the treaty, if they want to propagate it. Moreover, it will also apply to the European institutions soon.

Source: De Limburger.